Jeanne McIntosh Rietzke is a fine artist living in Wilmington, NC. Her colorful, aquatic watercolors have sold nationally and internationally since the 1990’s and have won numerous awards. She has a BA in Fine Art from The University of South Carolina. This is her first book: Caroline, The Painted Turtle: The Journey Begins.

Main living space with ocean view.

Publication Date: 2/24/22

One bright, moonlit night on Carolina Beach, in North Carolina, a patch of sand starts to move. A tiny flipper pushes through the sand. Then another flipper appears followed by a small head. Under the sand baby turtles and eggs become visible. It’s a green sea turtle nest hatching! The babies pull themselves out of the nest. Some still have their eggs with them as they struggle to get free. These green sea turtles lay buried beneath the sand for a couple of months. During this time the babies have grown inside their shells. When the time is right, and the sand has cooled at night they begin digging out. Once they are free, they scramble to the ocean for safety.

The baby turtles follow light and the foam of the waves to guide them to the water. That night they followed the moon’s reflection on the water to safely reach the Atlantic Ocean.

Once the babies reach deeper waters, they scatter. One hundred babies are starting their journeys in life. One of those babies was called Caroline. Her instincts told her to head south to warmer waters. She was born with the ability to survive. Sea turtles, newly hatched on the beach, just know to go to the water and start swimming. They don’t even have to be taught how to swim!…Read more in the books or Ebooks (on Amazon) available above.

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